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Inspirational Stories

In Honour of Gloria Inglis

Her legacy gift to the Burnaby Hospital Foundation is a reminder of her love for that community.

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In support of a country that supports us all

The Nanji Family provides matching funds in the fight against COVID-19

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Letter: I’d Never Really Been Ill Before

All of a sudden I was worrying about whether my will was up to date.

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Letter: The Quiet Guardian

I was critically ill for three weeks – in ICU, sedated, ventilated and on circulatory support.

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Vivianne’s Message of Hope

It’s okay to have mental health issues. It’s not something to be embarrassed about. It’s okay to talk. And it’s important to listen.

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Baby Virk’s First Breath

The first breath a baby takes is the biggest and most important of his or her life. But what happens when that breath doesn’t come naturally?

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Letter: The Incredibly Difficult Job of Medical Care

I was very scared and very nervous... all I knew is that I had experienced some sort of medical emergency.

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“The screening saved my life.”

While colon cancer normally occurs in people over the age of 50 that was not the case for a young Burnaby mother who underwent a colonoscopy and happily, has now fully recovered from colon cancer.

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A Legacy of Heart

Dorothy McFarlane left a large charitable gift to Burnaby Hospital Foundation when she departed this world in July 2014. Her relatives, Brent and Sandy Roy, were proud, but not surprised; Dorothy’s last wishes were in step with all that she’d appreciated and cherished about life.

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