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Our Stars Will Shine So Bright …

Celebrate the birth of a new family member, while supporting enhancements and equipment purchases for all of our tiniest patients and their families.

Celebrate Your New Arrival

The birth of a new baby is one of the most amazing and defining moments in our lives. Placing your baby’s name on our ‘Shining Star’ commemorative wall is a unique way to celebrate a very special occasion.

Additional keepsake stars can be purchased for $50 each – a perfect gift for grandparents, friends and relatives.

All donations are tax deductible with proceeds benefiting the Maternity Unit and related areas including the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Burnaby Hospital.

Super Star $500

(Includes commemorative certificate and keepsake star)

Star $250

(Includes commemorative certificate)

Starlet $150

Please allow 4 -6 weeks for your star to be mounted on the ‘Shining Star’ wall, plus additional shipping time for any additional “keepsake” stars. 

It is said that sometimes the brightest stars burn out the quickest. You can also name a star in memory of a newborn who was in our world for a very short time.

A Star is Born

A Star is Born is one of the latest maternity programs to launch at Burnaby Hospital. This initiative allows families to announce their newest member to the hospital, by way of a sweet and gentle chime.

After the birth of your baby, simply ring the bell located in the Labor and Delivery Unit and allow the sweet sound to spread over the hospital – celebrating your new addition!