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Burnabarian Supports Hospital Redevelopment with $1M Gift

Burnabarian Supports Hospital Redevelopment with $1M Gift

April 04, 2022

“Contributing to Burnaby Hospital’s redevelopment felt like the right thing to do. I am lucky to be in a position where I can give back to something that my community really needs,” Ken shares.  “I gave a lot more thought to donating to a hospital after retiring. I’m happy to be healthy and able to do the things I love during retirement. Then, being a senior myself, it came naturally to me that I wanted to help Burnaby Hospital become newer, better, modernized and advanced for the people who need it.”

In 1978, entranced by the pristine nature of the Pacific Northwest, Ken Shinozaki, immigrated to western Canada, where he moved between cities, eventually settling down in Burnaby to build their family home and raise two children. Ken founded Kenwest Enterprises Ltd., an export business specializing in various food products, and has now lived in Burnaby for 35 years.

Even though Ken and his family haven’t had to rely on Burnaby Hospital as patients, he was aware about the recent difficulties it was facing and its important role in the community. As a Burnaby resident, he heard about the fire in the Cascade building and the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and knew that he wanted to do something meaningful. Ken then donated an outstanding gift of $1 million towards the Proud History, Bright Future redevelopment campaign because he understood the importance and the impact of the upgrades.

“Compared to other hospitals, it’s quite different walking through Burnaby Hospital. You can tell it is smaller, but very rooted in the community,” Ken shares. “The redevelopment of our hospital means so much to Burnaby residents, especially seniors who are realizing how much an upgraded hospital means to their ability to lead a long and fulfilling life, well into their old age. It is also a huge relief to know that the hospital will be there for me and my family in case we ever need it, as well as for the growing senior population in Burnaby.”

Decades after moving to Canada, Ken and his wife, Junko, are continuing to enjoy their passion for nature. They are avid outdoors people, enjoying hiking, camping, fishing and skiing. They found Burnaby was the perfect place to call home because of all the city has to offer and its proximity to local mountains and trails.