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Honour Someone Special

Honour your loved one or staff member at the hospital; or you can celebrate a milestone or special occasion with a donation in that person’s name.

In Memory Gifts

In lieu of flowers or gifts, consider making a donation in memory for a loved one, friend or colleague. Your memorial donation will help support the work of the Foundation to enhance health care in our community, while preserving the memory of the person and the impact they made on your life.

Your gift will be used to support the area of greatest need at Burnaby Hospital, however, should you wish to direct it to a specific program or unit, you may indicate that on your donation form. Burnaby Hospital Foundation will acknowledge your gift with a note to the family (without disclosing the amount).

Tribute Giving

Make a personal fundraising page for family and friends to give online donations in celebration of a special occasion, or in memory of someone close. Your In Tribute page even allows you to share photos and personal messages with your loved ones.

In Honour Gifts

Honouring special individuals or occasions in your life by directing a donation to Burnaby Hospital Foundation is a meaningful gesture. Whether it’s contributing as a wedding present or commemorating a significant achievement, giving back to your community in someone’s name is a sincere way to express congratulations.

For those seeking a more hands-on approach to their tribute, consider linking it to a personal milestone like participating in a charity walk or run. Going the extra mile in support of a noble cause not only amplifies your impact but also serves as inspiration for others to engage in community initiatives.