• Double Your Impact

    There is no better time to contribute to a brighter future in healthcare, with each donation having double the impact thanks to business icon and philanthropist, Jim Pattison.
  • No Place Like Home Gala

    November 4, 2022. Celebrating the place we call home.
  • Paving the Way

    We are your trusted partners, shaping the future of health care through innovation. With the support of forward-thinking donors, we put state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology into the hands of our dedicated health care professionals.

The Foundation

Vibrant communities are healthy communities—and they require high-quality hospitals and medical care. But did you know that there isn’t a single hospital in BC that is fully government-funded? In fact, donations pay for approximately half the cost of Burnaby Hospital’s new or upgraded equipment. That’s where Burnaby Hospital Foundation steps in. As the fundraising organization for the hospital, we bridge the gap between what the government provides and what our community needs to be dynamic and healthy.

Inspirational Stories

From grateful patients to our generous donors, everyone has a story. Learn more about the hearts behind Burnaby Hospital and what inspires your community to give back.

Make a Donation

Your generous support makes everything we do meaningful and life changing.

Current Campaigns

Burnaby Hospital Foundation has announced a $30 million commitment toward the redevelopment of Burnaby Hospital. The Proud History, Bright Future campaign is unparalleled in the Hospital’s almost 70-year history.

Current Needs

Your support makes everything we do meaningful and life changing. Putting state-of-the-art medical equipment into the hands of our health-care professionals ensures that patients at Burnaby Hospital receive the highest standard of care.

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