About Us

Paving the way for a better future in health care.

Our Mission

Raising funds to support outstanding healthcare in Burnaby.

Our Vision

An engaged community supporting delivery of exceptional healthcare close to home.

Our Story

We are agents of care. 

Imagine for a moment your child falls ill during the middle of the night and you have no place to turn. Perhaps your elderly parent has a fall or someone you care about has a serious accident and needs immediate medical attention. What would you do? Where would you go without a hospital close by?

A community hospital is an essential resource for everyone living in its surrounding neighbourhoods. Your hospital is important to the health and wellbeing of your family and its role is pivotal to the vibrancy of the community you share with your friends and neighbours.

Burnaby Hospital is your local hospital, a place for reliable patient-centred health care. With dedicated medical professionals and the support of community partners, the hospital helps you and those you care about get well and stay well.

There isn’t a BC hospital that is fully government-funded. Modest government funding is nowhere near enough to satisfy good health care levels. Hospitals are expensive to operate but crucial for our medically necessary services. Donations fund approximately 50 per cent of the cost of Burnaby Hospital’s new and upgraded medical equipment and technology. In fact, over the past 15 years, donors have given close to $21 million to purchase new equipment for the hospital. And that doesn’t include dollars channeled into clinical education, hospital programs or community wellness initiatives, which also rely on donations to exist.

That’s where Burnaby Hospital Foundation comes in.

As the fundraising organization for the hospital, we bridge the gap between what government provides and what our community needs. But our role goes beyond raising awareness and funds.

Our purpose is to ensure that Burnaby Hospital is equipped in every way to advance the health of all generations that will help maintain the vibrancy of the entire community. Everyday heroes surround and inspire us and drive our passion for what we do. They’re the people we meet in the hospital hallways, sometimes they’re medical staff, sometimes brave-faced patients undergoing treatment. Often they are people who step into our office with a desire to give back and tell us their stories. We see compassion every day and we find inspiration without having to seek it.

When you choose to donate to Burnaby Hospital Foundation, we understand the reason lies close to your heart. It’s our job to connect you to what matters the most; we want you to have a meaningful giving experience. We uphold a genuine commitment to keep you aware of the impact your donation has on others, the difference it makes, and the power it has to change people’s lives.

As an integral part of the Burnaby community, our hope is that once you get to know us, you’ll see us as a friendly neighbour who takes great interest in your family, the well-being of the people you care about and the vitality of the community we share.