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Create a Legacy

When you make plans for a legacy donation, you are giving a future gift that will provide for Burnaby Hospital in years to come. Legacy giving is a wonderful way to celebrate your lifetime and ensure that people in your community today, along with generations to follow, will benefit from quality healthcare.

Inspirational Stories

The McKoen’s Legacy

Reine’s Legacy

Pat’s Legacy

The Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is the exclusive club by which Burnaby Hospital Foundation honours and recognize those who include Burnaby Hospital Foundation in their Will or estate plans with a gift valued at $5,000 or more.

Your support as a Legacy Society member is a targeted investment in the most modern medical equipment, technology and facilities for our healthcare teams and for all of us.

Will Power

Burnaby Hospital Foundation is participating in a new Canada-wide initiative designed to inspire Canadians to think differently about giving, and consider a gift to charity in their Will. 

If enough Canadians got on board and donated just a small percentage of their estate to charity, it could mean as much as $40 billion for the causes we all care about.

Will Bequests

A Letter of Peace or a Letter of Blessing can support the next generation. Adding a simple amendment to your Will, called a codicil, allows donors to leave a legacy to Burnaby Hospital Foundation that helps ensure a high standard of health care for your family, friends and everyone else in your community.

Bequests made through a Will allow you to make a contribution to the future of Burnaby Hospital, often a contribution that you couldn’t make during your lifetime.

Retirement Funds

You can leave your RRSP or RRIF to Burnaby Hospital Foundation. There are two simple ways. In both cases, your estate will receive a charitable tax receipt for the value of your donation.

Charitable Trusts

Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs) have been created to enable donors to make a gift of an asset, such as an investment portfolio, but continue to receive the investment income from the portfolio throughout lifetime. The donated assets are held in trust for the future capital beneficiary which would be Burnaby Hospital Foundation.

Real Estate

Donors can elect to gift a principle residence, investment or recreation property, or a farm property and receive an immediate tax receipt for the appraised fair market value of the real estate. A gift of real estate can make a significant difference without creating a negative impact on their cash reserves

Gifts of Insurance

Several types of insurance receive different tax treatment. A gift of life insurance enables donors to turn small donations into, ultimately, a much larger gift.