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Hearts of our Hospital: Maria Carinha

Hearts of our Hospital: Maria Carinha

April 04, 2022

Maria Carinha, a retired mother, grandmother, wife and friend to many, has dedicated over 10 years to provide outstanding care to visitors and patients, as a Burnaby Hospital Volunteer. 

Carinha’s interest for volunteering grew when her mother and mother-in-law each spent years at Burnaby Hospital. Overtime, the hospital has come to be a second home to Carinha, not only through her experience volunteering, but having shared life changing moments with family at the facility – like the birth of her four grandchildren. 

“There are really no words that express this feeling,” she says when asked what volunteering means to her.

Having spent over a decade of her time within the hospital, Carinha has seen many changes, but nothing as monumental as the current hospital redevelopment. 

“We need a ​state-of-the-art facility for our future grandkids and great grandkids.” 

Carinha would like to express her gratitude to all of the patients, staff and fellow volunteers who have made an impact in her life – sharing a special thank you to those behind the scenes, like the housekeeping and food services staff. 

Image 1 (L): Maria and first born grandson at BH NICU, 1994 

Image 2 (R): Maria’s son and first born granddaughter at BH, 2013

Image 3: Maria’s daughter visiting her Grandmother at BH, showing her grad dress, 1987