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Lynda’s Legacy

Lynda’s Legacy

February 02, 2022

Lynda Catchpole was a well-known woman in her community, full of passion and love. From working as a teacher and librarian for her lengthy career, to singing, directing and organizing choir music as a Choir Librarian for the Christ Church Choir, Lynda was always known to be giving back. In the summer of 2013, Lynda completed cataloguing the entire music library of the Cathedral, and retired from this role after 39 years, hanging up her special t-shirt given to her by devoted friends and fellow choristers.

In her free time, Lynda, wife to Rae Catchpole, would spend her time indulging in her love of food by preparing and recording her beloved recipes, as well as happily feeding her choir family.

Having lived in Burnaby for decades, the couple became well acquainted with Burnaby Hospital and were pleased with the medical attention they had received over the years.

“I think that Rae’s extensive stay in Burnaby Hospital was the real source of Lynda’s donation to Burnaby Hospital Foundation. She amended her Will in early 2020 and added Burnaby Hospital Foundation as one of the beneficiary’s,” says Lynda’s niece, Joanne.

Rae and Lynda celebrated many happy years together until Rae’s passing in 2019.

“I believe the staff were one of the reasons why Lynda decided to name Burnaby Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary in her Will. I did not hear any complaints from her about her lengthy stays at Burnaby Hospital. She was treated gently and with dignity.”

Legacy giving is a wonderful way to celebrate your lifetime and ensure that people in your community today, along with generations to follow, will benefit from quality health care.

“At the end of Lynda’s life, she was diagnosed with cancer. The oncology ward nurses and doctors at Burnaby Hospital were exemplary with Lynda’s care. They put her first. They made her comfortable and they ensured she was educated on the processes and diagnosis. They took care of her medically, physically, and spiritually.”

In addition to charitably supporting Burnaby Hospital Foundation, Lynda also named the BCSPCA, Salvation Army, and her church as beneficiaries in her Will. Because of the attentive care she received at Burnaby Hospital and her generous heart, her legacy lives on and will support the Bright Future of Burnaby for generations.