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Hearts of our Hospital: Tom Su

Hearts of our Hospital: Tom Su

April 04, 2022

In 2016, when Tom Su’s father fell ill and was hospitalized, Su stayed by his side and noticed firsthand a need within the hospital for volunteers. In early 2017, Su joined the Burnaby Hospital Volunteer Program and today, remains an active part of the team. Su combines his love for music with his role at Burnaby Hospital by playing violin for patients.  

Despite the everchanging restrictions with the pandemic, Su has found a way to continue spreading joy through song, by playing music outdoor and now indoor, for patients at Fellburn Care Centre – an assisted care facility in Burnaby. Every winter holiday season, Su and his violin make a point to visit the wards at Burnaby Hospital to remind patients and staff what the holidays are about – seeing others smile (even under a mask)!  

When asked what role volunteering has played in his life, Su says “this is beyond words I can explain.”  

“In the last five years, I have been talking to more than a few thousand patients/families. I make sure every single moment with them makes their life better – at least at the moment when they talk to me or listen to my music. We are all in this world together. Giving back will definitely make you a better person and make your life full. Often, I think are they the ones who receive my service? Or am I the one gaining from the entire experience? The answer is both!”