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Sarah’s Story: A Leader of Tomorrow

Sarah’s Story: A Leader of Tomorrow

February 02, 2022

“Growing up, I’ve always been incredibly grateful for the support Burnaby Hospital gave my family during our times of need. I vividly remember thinking about how I wanted to volunteer and give back to this community when I grow up.”

During the first summer of the pandemic in 2020, as the world began to navigate the new normal, grade 12 student, Sarah Sui, knew that now more than ever, her community hospital needed her support.

“When COVID hit, my feelings of wanting to support healthcare workers, the patients and their families only grew stronger. That summer, I joined a student-led registered non-profit, known as the Wish Youth Network Society (WYNS). WYNS has given me the opportunity to work with a passionate team of young individuals in fundraising and supporting our local hospitals.”

WYNS has nearly 200 executives and members in the Burnaby Region. This diverse group of hardworking students has graciously supported Burnaby Hospital since the beginning of the pandemic and has sustained their support throughout. From bake sales to holiday cards and more, the kindness and acts of philanthropy these young individuals have shown have given hope to the healthcare heroes in our community.

“It’s important we support hospitals to help strengthen their function, so they can put emphasis on providing the best care. Donating to hospitals means that you are investing in medical resources, therapy programs, equipment, expansion, research, and so much more that will benefit the experiences of patients. It’s crucial that we support our healthcare heroes who risk their lives everyday to care for those in need.”

Sarah hopes to inspire others to become leaders of tomorrow and support their community.

“No matter the size of your contribution, know that you are supporting something incredibly meaningful. The fulfillment you get from giving back to your community is unparalleled.”