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Burnaby Legend Celebrates 100th Birthday!

Burnaby Legend Celebrates 100th Birthday!

March 03, 2022

We shared Helen and Don Brown’s incredible efforts to support the Burnaby community during our annual For the Love of Burnaby campaign.

In early March, Helen spent a weekend celebrating an outstanding milestone with her close friends and family in a joyous gathering at her family home – her 100th birthday celebration! The afternoon’s festivities were highlighted by visits from Burnaby Firefighters and RCMP, a bagpipe birthday song, and a stunning red-and-gold cake.

Helen is well known in Burnaby for her dedication to the community, which has helped build Burnaby into the vibrant home that we all enjoy. From advocating for park spaces, youth activities, education and so much more, Helen and her late husband Don, were always willing to lend a hand. They volunteered for organizations like the Burnaby Historical Society, Burnaby College for the Retired (president), Burnaby Metro Club, Lawn Bowling Club, Old Orchard Bowling Club and Pacific Open Heart Association (president). Together, they were first couple voted as Burnaby Citizens of the Year in 1992.

“Our family has received exceptional care at Burnaby Hospital. Several of my family members were born in Burnaby Hospital and our father passed away there,” her daughter, Patricia, recalls. “When we were spending time with my dad, sometimes twelve or fourteen hours a day, all the staff we encountered were so caring and made sure we felt supported in a difficult time.”

This year, Helen is looking forward to receiving more visits from her family at St. Michael’s Centre and at her nearby family home – the place where her children grew up. Her family has also continued in her passion by supporting the Burnaby community in so many ways.