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A Brighter Future for Burnaby, Thanks to Local College

A Brighter Future for Burnaby, Thanks to Local College

February 02, 2022

Throughout the pandemic, and now as we look toward the bright future of Burnaby Hospital, Alexander College has stood beside Burnaby Hospital Foundation. From selflessly donating countless pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE), to their years of charitable support, Alexander College has gone above and beyond to show their Love of Burnaby.

“The COVID pandemic has been a special circumstance which has affected us all. Healthcare workers are important contributors to our community as they care for us and our loved ones. We have all had to pull together to battle COVID. The college has been successful in meeting the needs of our staff and students during this trying time and are pleased to share our success with others.”

 Alexander College, a private post-secondary institution serving approximately 3,000 students, feels that it is an important role of an institute of higher learning to build community. The heart of a thriving community is its hospital; providing care for patients, performing medical research and educating the future health faces of medicine.  

People from every walk of life will require the services of a hospital at some point in their life. In fact, many of the college senior leadership team’s children and current Burnaby staff were born at Burnaby Hospital.

“Contributing to the hospital gives our staff a sense of wellbeing and an opportunity to be part of something bigger than oneself. Many of our staff have lived and worked part, or all of their lives in Burnaby, and the success of the community is very important to them. It also contributes to the education of students as an act of compassion.”

Most recently, the college made an outstanding $1 million gift in support of the hospital redevelopment.

“Our organization believes strongly in the importance of philanthropy and our commitment to lead by example. Our donation in support of the total transformation of Burnaby Hospital is a reflection of that commitment as well as an opportunity to recognize the importance of health care, which like education is a vital pillar of our community,” says college co-owner Eric Zhao.

As we continue to progress towards Burnaby Hospital’s Bright Future, we wish to thank the students and staff of Alexander College, for their ongoing and extensive support. The Foundation is proud to share core values with such an influential and vibrant pillar of our community.