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A Warm and Caring Place: A Resident’s Experience with Burnaby Hospital’s ED

A Warm and Caring Place: A Resident’s Experience with Burnaby Hospital’s ED

January 01, 2023

Local Burnaby resident and long-time Burnaby Hospital Foundation donor, Marti Tutti, is quite familiar with Burnaby Hospital, where she has visited multiple times over the years for a range of medical concerns for herself and her loved ones.

She recalls her most recent experience on January 3, 2023 being one that stood out among the rest. Early in the morning, her husband, Veiko, was having difficulties breathing and experiencing chest pain, so they drove immediately to Burnaby Hospital’s Emergency Department.

“I had never experienced the ER quite like this. When we arrived, it was crowded and a bit chaotic. Every chair was filled and the hallway even had beds that were filled with patients,” Marti reflects.

Burnaby Hospital’s Emergency Department – the second busiest Emergency in Fraser Health Authority – receives 83,000 visits per year. Despite the busy holiday season and a packed Emergency Department, Veiko was triaged upon arrival at 6 am, followed by an immediate ECG, chest x-ray and blood work. In less than an hour, he was seen by Dr. Huang who treated him with heavy-duty antibiotics and a diuretic. Not long had passed before a Respirologist was successful in finding a diagnosis, COPD.

“We’re glad that they were able to take him in right away for tests. All the staff that we encountered were so positive, and so many of the patients [were] as well,” shares Marti. “Even with the crowded ER, the staff did such an admirable job, treating each person with respect and politeness. And they had a lot of patience.”

“We had to stay in the ER for over 6 hours waiting for our follow-up tests to return, so we got a first-hand view of our hospital. While we were still anxious, it was a good feeling being in a warm, caring place. My husband has worked in the hospital ecosystem for a good portion of his life and he told me that it is quite rare to have this feeling of warmth.”

The Tuttis proudly support Burnaby Hospital Foundation, donating annually to help in the betterment of healthcare for those around them. While the care provided to her husband was world-class, she realizes that the facilities do not reflect the amazing care they receive. Marti notes that they have seen few renovations and upgrades to the facilities over their decades living in the city.

“The staff do their best in the conditions they’re provided with. If you live in Burnaby, this is our hospital. We should be supporting it. Everyone is going to need the hospital one day.”

Marti also actively supports St. Michael’s Centre, as a volunteer, buyer, and co-director for their recently re-opened gift shop and also serving as a past member of their Board of Directors. Her support of St. Michael’s Centre has lasted close to a decade, but her experiences extend even further.

Both her parents received long-term care at St. Michael’s, so it holds a special place in her heart. After 3 months in Burnaby Hospital, her mother entered into their care, followed by her father 2 years later. Visiting her parents over the years, she became close to the facility and the amazing staff inside. Learn more about St. Michael’s Centre here.

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