Join us in a show of support for Burnaby Hospital’s healthcare heroes.

For the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, we are showing our love for our community hospital, and the amazing health care workers and hospital staff serving our community everyday through the COVID-19 pandemic. Explore below for inspirational stories, profiles, and celebrations of these everyday heroes.  

In honour of their commitment and dedication to local health care, we are raising funds in support the Proud History, Bright Future Campaign to Transform Burnaby Hospital into a state-of-the art health care campus.

Stories & Profiles

A Legacy Of Giving Back

A Legacy Of Giving Back: How Veteran Volunteer Shirley Hill Has Dedicated Decades To Burnaby Hospital.

Brooke Radiology Pledges $50k In Support Of Hospital Redevelopment

“We’re so excited to contribute to a cause that we can see every time we step foot into the hospital.”

Kindness is Contagious: A story of inspiration and celebration

A patients first hand experience within Burnaby Hospital inspired years of giving.

How A Future Face In Medicine Is Giving Back Today

“My respect and admiration grew during the pandemic when I saw healthcare and hospital staff working so hard to keep us safe and protected.”

Lynda’s Legacy

“I believe the staff were one of the reasons why Lynda decided to name Burnaby Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary in her Will. She was treated gently and with dignity.”

A True Burnabarian: The Story Of Don Brown

“My Dad would help anyone who phoned him for advice or needed anything done for them in regards to Burnaby. He spent countless hours contributing to the community that we see today in Burnaby.”

A Brighter Future for Burnaby, Thanks to Local College

“Contributing to the hospital gives our staff a sense of wellbeing and an opportunity to be part of something bigger than oneself.”

Grateful Patients Family Pledges $25k In Honour Of Burnaby Hospital Physician

“We are appreciative of the way Dr. David Jones stepped up, over his call of duty as a doctor, to make sure that we were connected with the right people.”

Letter: A Message of Gratitude to my Frontline Heroes

I was one of the booked elective surgery patients affected by the fire and COVID outbreak in November who had their surgery cancelled and postponed. 

Giving the gift of education to new parents

Emma & Ryan recall with affection and gratitude the helpful staff who provided practical guidance, information and tips that helped ease the transition into new parenthood.

Letter: The kindness, patience and professionalism was amazing to watch

I am pleased to see that someone with a disability was treated with such respect. 

Young Hospital Volunteer Becomes Cardiology Technologist at Burnaby Hospital

“My experience as a hospital volunteer has impacted my life by confirming my interest in healthcare.”

Letter: In My Absence, These Wonderful Nurses Did Everything I Could Not

Having a dear family member in palliative care is a crushing experience. Living in another province, and having COVID-19 prevent me from travelling, added another layer of despair.

Geriatric Psychiatrist Builds Mental Health Music Program at Burnaby Hospital

“I see my role as the perfect platform to advocate for my elderly patients and educate about mental health issues.”

Letter: Orthopedic Surgeon Thanks Donors For Newly Purchased X-Ray Machine

I recently had my first chance to use the beautiful new portable x-ray in the operating room, and what a difference compared to the old one! 

A Place To Find Your Voice. A Place To Call Home

This place I now call home has given me more than I ever thought; a place of many memories, a safe place to come to, and a place where I belong.

Letter: Physician gives back to the community that helped shape his career

I was told I’d never go to university, let alone get into medicine.

A healing space, for those who heal: A tribute gift from Ed Cheung

“A garden greenhouse. A nice, relaxed space for the doctors and nurses, who are heroes in my eyes.”

ER Volunteer and Community Members Spread Cheer For Frontline

Burnaby Hospital Emergency Department Volunteer, Sally Ou is all about spreading kindness wherever and however she can – and has been a light for our community throughout the pandemic.

About the Campaign to Transform Burnaby Hospital

Burnaby Hospital Foundation needs your help to transform a beloved community hospital into a state-of-the-art facility that will meet the growing health care needs of Burnaby and East Vancouver for generations to come.

The Foundation is currently raising $30 million for Phase One, which focuses on four services that are critically important for all local families: emergency, surgery, maternity and mental health.

Ways to Support

In honour of our hospital staff’s commitment and dedication to local health care, we are raising funds in support of the Proud History, Bright Future Campaign to Transform the Burnaby Hospital into a state-of-the art health care campus.

Show your love through a small donation, by supporting a partnering local business, or by purchasing a 50/50 raffle ticket. Or write a message of support to a health care worker!

About Burnaby Hospital Foundation

Burnaby Hospital is your local hospital; a place for reliable patient-centred health care. With dedicated medical professionals and the support of community partners, the hospital helps you and those you care about get well and stay well.

As the fundraising organization for the hospital, Burnaby Hospital Foundation’s purpose is to ensure that Burnaby Hospital is equipped in every way to advance the health of all generations that will help maintain the vibrancy of the entire community. 

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