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St. Michael’s Centre

Family is at the core of the St. Michael’s Centre philosophy. Our complex care residents, hospice patients and families receive compassion, love, and a place to find community. We strive to create welcoming spaces where families and loved ones can thrive and create special moments.

About St. Michael’s Centre

St. Michael’s Centre is a long term care facility in Burnaby that provides complex care for seniors. There are 128 long term care beds and 16 hospice beds at the site. St. Michael’s Centre finds its grounding as a welcoming, faith based facility that provides our seniors with exceptional health care, and social, emotional and spiritual connections. St. Michael’s Centre and Burnaby Hospital Foundation will work in partnership to provide services across a continuum of care for seniors in the Burnaby Community.

Family lies at the core of the St. Michael’s Centre philosophy and family members are encouraged, and welcome to visit loved ones at any time. The site offers views of the neighbouring park, gardens and provides residents a broad range of life activities to enhance their quality of life. Improvements are needed to support greater comfort for both residents and families.

St. Michael’s Centre Hospice offers a compassionate and loving environment where patients and their families can spend precious moments together. Improvements to the hospice environment are needed to support greater comfort for both patients and families.

Burnaby Hospital Foundation is proud to support and raise funds for St. Michael’s Centre.