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Young Hospital Volunteer Becomes Cardiology Technologist at Burnaby and Eagle Ridge Hospital

Young Hospital Volunteer Becomes Cardiology Technologist at Burnaby and Eagle Ridge Hospital

February 02, 2021

22-year-old Andrew Miller knew from an early age that he wanted to pursue a career as a healthcare professional. While in high school, Miller came to realize that he had a profound interest in biology. With a long-term career goal of becoming a Cardiovascular Perfusion Technologist or a Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologist, he knew he needed to immerse himself into the world of medicine as soon as possible. 

With healthcare program applications on the horizon, Miller decided to apply as a volunteer at Burnaby Hospital, in hopes that this would improve his case for acceptance for school. Once accepted as a volunteer visitor, Miller gained valuable insight into how a hospital is ran; specifically, regarding patient transportation and care.

Before spending time in Burnaby Hospital, Miller did what most young adults do; question if this was the right choice for his career. “After spending time around the hospital and in direct contact with patients, doctors, nurses, and other volunteers, I realized this was a perfect environment for someone with a desire to help others. My experience as a hospital volunteer has impacted my life by confirming my interest in healthcare,” he says.

“I realized that staying in a hospital is difficult for patients and their families. I believe through simply communicating and visiting with individual patients and their families I could help brighten their day,” Miller explains.

With a pool of over 250 hospital volunteers, Miller was able to build friendships with others in the facility who shared the same dedication to their roles. “Every volunteer I met loved what they did and felt that they were contributing to the overall support and success of the care provided. That warm feeling you get when you have contributed to such a worthy cause is priceless.”

Miller volunteered from the spring of 2018 to fall of 2018. He is now a Cardiology Technologist at Burnaby Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital and is working on getting a Bachelors degree in science, with the hopes of one day getting a Masters degree.

“Every day I witness great examples of the significant impact this hospital has on peoples lives. I often receive glowing reviews and compliments for the high level of care and compassion from Burnaby hospital staff and volunteers.”

Not only did Miller confirm his career path through his volunteer experience, he was able to learn the layout of the hospital which has proven to be beneficial for the start of his practicum and now his career. He was also able to improve his communication skills with patients and hospital staff which is a priceless tool for his growing profession.   

Millers advice for anyone considering becoming a hospital volunteer is this: “if you’re someone who loves to make people smile and want to make a positive difference in your community, especially if you are considering entering the field of healthcare, this is a perfect fit for you.”

Anyone considering becoming a volunteer post COVID-19, contact [email protected].

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