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Letter: A Message of Gratitude to my Frontline Heroes

Letter: A Message of Gratitude to my Frontline Heroes

February 02, 2021

I was one of the booked elective surgery patients affected by the fire and COVID outbreak in November who had their surgery cancelled and postponed. 

Much to my surprise, I was called back and was admitted in December. My lead up to the surgery was so well organized and compassionate by all staff I encountered – in person and on the phone.

Kudos to the Burnaby Hospital Hip and Knee Clinic, the Lab, and X-ray departments. On admission, everything progressed smoothly with the preparation and great communication from all I encountered in the pre-op Surgical Day Care. I met some of my surgical team before heading to the operation room – Dr. Kostamo, the nurses, and my procedure was right on time.

Following the surgery, I was admitted to the Post Anesthetic Recovery (PAR) and I received exemplary care by knowledgeable staff, who fortunately also had a great sense of humour. After several hours it was determined that, I would need to overnight in PAR. Apologies were made by staff but you know, I felt so safe and so cared for, in the end I felt lucky to have been kept there in my safety bubble.

I am progressing splendidly at home and just wanted to express my thanks to everyone I met including porters and housekeeping for their compassionate and professional care, especially in this surreal situation of a pandemic we find ourselves in. I feel so grateful to all for their commitment to continue this service in these times.

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