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Wendy Leung’s story: A Journey of Passion

Wendy Leung’s story: A Journey of Passion

January 01, 2024

Serving with Passion: A Decade of Commitment

Meet Wendy Leung, a dedicated Fraser Health Authority employee, who has been serving her community for over a decade. Wendy’s journey is not just a professional one; it’s a story of dedication and a commitment to the well-being of her home city, Burnaby.

“My passion for public healthcare does not end at the end of each workday, but continues outside of my formal job. I hope to give back to the hospital in my home city which has taken care of me in my sickest moments,” Wendy explains, highlighting the personal connection that fuels her dedication to the cause.

Ms. Vancouver 2023-2024: A Platform for Change

In her quest to contribute more to her community, Wendy took on the prestigious title of Ms. Of Vancouver 2023-2024 and became a provincial and national finalist in the Ms. Of British Columbia and Ms. Of Canada pageants. Wendy’s wish during her reign goes beyond the glamour; it is rooted in a desire to publicly support healthcare charities, in particular Burnaby Hospital Foundation.

Using her platform, Wendy is now calling upon members of her community to support Burnaby Hospital Foundation. With a historic redevelopment underway, she recognizes the significance of this moment in the hospital’s history. 

Wendy’s call to action is not just about financial support; it’s also an invitation for the community to be a part of something transformative. This project not only encompasses a massive infrastructure upgrade; it also provides healthcare heroes with a modern facility to serve the community’s health needs even better.

To learn more about Wendy’s journey as Ms. Vancouver please visit:

To make a donation in support of Burnaby Hospital Foundation’s Bright Future campaign, visit: