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Josephine Kisun’s Lasting Legacy

Josephine Kisun’s Lasting Legacy

October 10, 2023

Josephine Kisun was a devoted mother, sister, grandmother, and friend who worked in healthcare for 27 years as a housekeeper. Growing up in an orphanage as one of eight siblings, Josephine developed many meaningful connections with the people around her – from her work in a local hospital, her loving family members and as a volunteer in Hindu society.
Originally moving to Burnaby in 1971, she spent over half her life living in the region and the majority of her working years in healthcare, leaving her with a deep understanding of the importance of our hospitals.
After ensuring her family was taken care of, she was determined to leave something for the community. One of her motivations when choosing a charity to support was her desire to support the well-being of the people around her, so she decided to leave a gift in her Will to Burnaby Hospital Foundation benefiting work being done in the mental health and cancer clinics. Her generous gift will create a lasting impact that will help advance healthcare for her loved ones and for future generations.
“My aunt always spoke so strongly about the importance of helping those around you, even if it was something small,” said Reeta Sharma. “From the comforts that she could help provide as a housekeeper, to her many hours spent volunteering, she always made sure that those around her were taken care of. I’m not surprised she decided to leave a gift to Burnaby Hospital Foundation to help influence positive change in the community.”
Passing in August 2022, Josephine leaves behind a legacy of giving back, hoping to inspire others to do the same. Burnaby Hospital Foundation, hospital staff and patients are sincerely grateful to receive her support.