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The inspiration of new life

The inspiration of new life

July 07, 2021

Create Urban Development is a real estate development company born local and grown local right here in the Lower Mainland. The family-run business, which prides itself on creating affordable and meaningful living and gathering spaces for family and friends, is the brainchild of Create founder and president, Mr. Lin Li.

“When I first arrived in Canada as a new immigrant, Burnaby was my first home,” says Li. “I stayed at a friend’s home near Deer Lake, and I was struck by its beauty. The entire city, with its beautiful mix of natural and urban landscapes, friendly people, and comprehensive infrastructure has inspired so much of what we have done as a company, including the two new amazing urban village communities we are working with the City to create in the Bainbridge neighbourhood”

But for all the magnificence Burnaby offers, Li sees one critical area of the City’s key infrastructure that, until now, has been left a bit behind – its community hospital.

“The city and its people are thriving, but up until now Burnaby Hospital hasn’t been provided the resources to keep pace, he says. “Medical equipment is becoming outdated, hospital beds can hardly meet demand, there is a lack of space for medical services, and the building is worn.”

The aging facility was built in 1952, and hasn’t had a major upgrade in over four decades. Now, finally, Burnaby Hospital is set for a major redevelopment which will convert the building into a modern, state-of-the-art health care campus, better equipped to serve its growing community.

Motivated by a personal and company philosophy of philanthropy, Li and the Create team decided the redevelopment of Burnaby Hospital was the perfect opportunity to give something back to the community they love. The company has come forward with an incredible $500,000 gift in support of the redevelopment’s phase one plans for a brand new maternity clinic.

“I feel proud and fulfilled to be able to contribute,” says Li, who quotes Winston Churchill in saying “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

And he encourages others to unite in supporting the hospital, noting that there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than helping others. “Through your action you will gain not only happiness, but also a sense of accomplishment beyond your personal success,” he says.

As to why Create has directed their contribution specifically toward the maternity clinic, Li sees parallels between new life born and the new life Create aspires to breathe into the communities where they work. After all, ‘Create’ is in their name.

“The maternity facilities at Burnaby Hospital are where new life arrives, bringing with it hope, optimism, and excitement. It is a gathering place for families and loved ones, who will shortly embark on a new journey together, one that will be filled with joy, tears, laughter, and a sense of undeniable connection,’ says Li.

“We see Create as a development company that reinvigorates communities like Bainbridge, and gives them a sense of rebirth – it’s about more than just building homes, it’s about creating spaces for families to grow together and create memories. We believe that in a very small way, we’re helping to create a little bit of that sense of optimism and excitement that new parents feel. And just like how maternity department staff build an atmosphere of comfort and trust for expecting mothers, at Create we work to establish those same kinds of authentic connections.

“In short, those nurses, doctors, midwives, staff, and of course those families – they inspire us, and all that we do. We feel fortunate to give back to that.”

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