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Stories of Healing: Testimonials from Grateful Patients

Stories of Healing: Testimonials from Grateful Patients

January 01, 2024

“Thank you to the entire team in the Maternity Care Clinic at Burnaby Hospital. I would like to send a special thanks to Dr. Bluman and Nurse Christina. Dr. Bluman was always positive, and Christina was wonderful and made us feel at ease.” – Sukhdeep Kaur Sidhu

I would like to thank Michelle for her patience and kindness towards me during my X-ray and CT scan at Burnaby Hospital. She took the time to explain the procedures while being positive and nurturing. I felt genuinely cared for.” – Colleen
“Thank you to the wonderful nurses at Burnaby [Hospital] who looked after me. Nurses Maria, Evelyn, Erin and the team in Ambulatory Care, Nurses Navneet, Lousie, Navi, Edna, Helen, Tommy and Peter went above and beyond. Many thanks to all of them; the care I received was incredible.” – Carrie
“Thank you, Dan ‘The Bonecracker’ for being so calm and friendly with everyone at the clinic. I was impressed by his demeanor. Thank you again, Dan.” – Dean
“I want to acknowledge the high level of medical care and professionalism I received at Burnaby [Hospital]. Thank you to Dr. White, Dr. Lau and Nurse Katie. Dr. Lau explained the nerve block and freezing procedure and Dr. White reviewed the steps he would undertake. I appreciated the clear post-operative orders and prescriptions.” – Craig
“I just wanted to send a quick bit of gratitude and appreciation to the emergency room staff who assisted me with a sprained ankle. From the first person to greet me in the waiting room to the various staff who helped process me and give me an X-ray. The staff were incredible, and I wanted to acknowledge their efforts and professionalism. Thank you for everything.” – Mark