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Knitting to Give Back

Knitting to Give Back

April 04, 2011

Cancer patient Vida Vojkovic has found a unique way to show her support for Burnaby Hospital.

Burnaby resident Vida Vojkovic vividly remembers the day she was diagnosed with cancer in October 2008. They had caught it early, but nothing could prepare her for what followed: treatments, surgery, and the physical toil of chemotherapy.

Three times a week every two weeks, Vida now walks confidently into the Cancer Centre at Burnaby Hospital, where she continues her chemotherapy treatments.

This inner strength wasn’t always the case for Vida, but she pushes forward, saying, “Last January, I didn’t know if I was going to be here today. I really don’t have enough words to say how thankful I am to all the staff for their support. It’s very hard and very tough for me to go through the treatment, but they share with me my good and my bad days”.

This isn’t the first time Vida has had to face major challenges and big decisions. Ten years ago, Vida came to Canada after spending six and a half years in Germany as a refugee from war, leaving behind the only home she knew in former Yugoslavia. She recalls thinking of Canada “at first as this huge country so far away”, but still feels lucky to have made Burnaby her new home.

When Vida discovered she had cancer, she was grateful to have a strong support network at Burnaby Hospital. It comforted her to know that everyone in the Cancer Centre knew what she was going through. And it was this support that compelled Vida and husband Gordon to give back to the hospital in their own unique way.

Having compiled several samples over the years of their own made-to-measure knitted designs, Vida and her husband Gordon worked with the Auxiliary to Burnaby Hospital to sell the collection and raise funds to help critical equipment at Burnaby Hospital.

The collection was truly unique and included about 130 to 140 pieces from scarves, blouses, sweaters and skirts made from cotton, cashmere, micro viscose, and silk. The designer pieces have historically attracted high-end buyers and have been worn by celebrities like Cybill Shepherd.

Vida is confident her family’s contribution has made a positive impact. “Burnaby Hospital does a lot for the community, and they deserve as much support from the community as possible. I can’t explain how grateful we are for what the hospital staff does for me. There’s something priceless in this and it’s made Burnaby Hospital my second home. We thought this sale would be something we could do with our hearts. When we all give just a little bit, in the end it will be a lot.”

* * *

Have a unique idea on how you would like to give back? You can help by calling the Foundation at 604.431.2881 or sending us an e-mail at [email protected].