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Kindness is Contagious: A story of inspiration and celebration

Kindness is Contagious: A story of inspiration and celebration

February 02, 2022

In 1986, at 65 years old, Khushi Ram arrived in Burnaby from India, quickly joining the workforce and eager to explore his new country.

The next year, he had his first encounter with healthcare in Canada at Burnaby Hospital, where he was treated for a work-related injury. He was welcomed warmly by wonderful medical staff and facilities, enabling a swift recovery. Instead of feeling nervous in such a new and unfamiliar place, he felt at ease and even cracked a few jokes with hospital staff.

He has a deep appreciation for Burnaby Hospital for exemplifying healthcare excellence and making him feel at home. He became a monthly donor to Burnaby Hospital in 1987 until his retirement, and has continued to support the hospital during special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Khushi is also active in his community by volunteering for organizations such as MOSIAC, the BC Humanist Association and the Universal Unitarian Church.

He partially attributes his good health to the care he received from the hospital, and to an active lifestyle, which he maintains to this day. Khushi celebrated his 100th birthday in 2021, surrounded by his children, grand children, great grand children and his friends. He still keeps a close connection to the hospital as a donor, and through his son, Harsh, who works at the hospital in parking enforcement. He also recently celebrated the 35th anniversary of his immigration to Canada.

Burnaby Hospital Foundation would like to thank Khushi for being a strong supporter for so many years and helping make a difference in his community with reliable, ongoing donations to Burnaby Hospital.