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Hearts of our Hospital: Ray

Hearts of our Hospital: Ray

April 04, 2023

If you’ve spent any time at Burnaby Hospital, chances are you’ve had a jovial interaction with wayfinder, Ray. The retired high school teacher began his hospital volunteer journey in 2007 and has never looked back.

“I retired early and needed an outlet to keep my brain active. From the first day, I have loved volunteering at Burnaby Hospital. Interacting with so many visitors and helping them was the answer to my need for stimulation.”

Ray cherishes his volunteer role just as much as he does the facility itself, as most of his family members, himself included, have received care at Burnaby Hospital at one point or another. “My mother had a heart attack one Christmas morning – the attending Emergency physician was extremely professional, kind and went out of his way to explain to my mother every step of the emergency procedures.”

“My first impressions of the staff were very favourable and still are. The volunteer who trained me said it was the best job he’d ever had and I would second that thought. Hospital staff and volunteers are the kindest and most helpful group of people I’ve met in my life.”

Ray encourages people of all interests and ages to get volunteering. “There’s a volunteer position for every person’s personality and interests. Volunteering will enrich your life; it brought me back into active society and helped make my life interesting again. Each shift as a Wayfinder has interesting problems to solve for patients and the constant “thank you’s” really brighten up my day.”

As a busy volunteer within an ever-changing hospital, no two days are ever the same. Ray notes that he enjoys seeing the evolutionary construction of the contemporary hospital wing growing from the ground up. “I get to see the skeleton of the building slowly turn into an actual hospital. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new rooms, the new cafeteria, and how it all fits together.”

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