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Hearts of our Hospital: Philroze Reporter

Hearts of our Hospital: Philroze Reporter

January 01, 2024

Philroze (Phil) is a familiar face at Burnaby Hospital. A Parsi Zoroastrian – born and raised in Bombay (Mumbai), India he is the eldest of four sons. With over 52 years of experience as a teacher including decades in Saskatchewan and British Columbia, he settled down in Burnaby.

Phil started volunteering in 2008. His wife, who was a patient at Burnaby Hospital, passed away and he felt he should give back to the hospital in some way for the excellent care she had received. At the time, Phil was already volunteering at other places and organizations. Burnaby Hospital happened to be another meaningful place that he would add to his list of where he would volunteer.

“I see the ‘difference I am making to others’ has given me quite the outlet for my inherent desire to help in whatever small way I can,” Phil reflects. “That has enabled me to get a better outlook in life.”

Over 15 years later, Phil has accumulated over 2,500 volunteer hours, providing invaluable assistance to thousands of visitors. Currently, he acts as a Wayfinder to help people get to where they need to be. He finds that the interaction with patients, staff and visitors makes his job very interesting and satisfying. He finds joy in knowing that people are thankful for his help, even if its something quite small.

Now approaching his 95th birthday, Phil reflects on his volunteering journey.

“I cannot see myself sitting at home when I can give my service by volunteering,” he says. “I do go on holidays, meet my family once a week and have other activities. All the people at the hospital – volunteers, staff and medical staff – make my experience as a volunteer very enjoyable.”

When asked about the factors that keep him motivated, Phil pointed to the comradery and a sense of belonging to a group. He feels the volunteers are treated well and appreciated for what they bring to the community here at Burnaby Hospital.

On behalf of our community – thank you Phil!