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Hearts of our Hospital: Navjit Moore

Hearts of our Hospital: Navjit Moore

June 06, 2022

28-year-old Navjit Moore began volunteering at Burnaby Hospital in 2013 and has since completed her BSc, PharmD, and is now a first year medical student (all through UBC).

“Being a Burnaby Hospital Volunteer has played a significant role both academically and non-academically for me.”

The hospital is well known for having a strong sense of community and having a loyal pool of volunteers who share the essence of family. Throughout the pandemic, this sense of solidarity only grew stronger. Volunteers were tasked with navigating a variety of new roles like managing vaccinations, entrance screeners and making sure hospital COVID protocols were being followed by guests.

“The volunteers became very focused and worked around the clock, really bonding together to make something happen.”

Moore’s vast volunteer involvement at Burnaby Hospital, especially throughout the pandemic, has permitted her to solidify her interest in pursuing a profession in medicine. She hopes to inspire others to get involved in the community and give back.

“Apply. Take the leap. Look for something you would enjoy and stick with it.”