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Hearts of our Hospital: Frank

Hearts of our Hospital: Frank

April 04, 2023

Meet Frank, the longest serving volunteer at Fellburn Care Centre. Frank has volunteered at the centre for ten years, dedicating thousands of hours to provide support to the FCC residents through a multitude of programs. Not only does Frank work with the residents, he can also be found helping staff and resident family members.

“Frank is a pleasure to have on site, his positive attitude is infectious with everyone meets and he brings smiles and laughs to the programs he supports.”

His success as a volunteer can easily be measured with the countless relationships he has fostered and the help he provides in mentoring novel volunteers.Frank is often heard sharing that he gets more out of volunteering than he gives.

“As a volunteer coordinator, I will never forget the amazing response Frank received from the residents at Fellburn on his first return visit after being off site for 18 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”