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Giving Back is Good Business

Giving Back is Good Business

April 04, 2016

Longtime Burnaby businessman Bob Goble values his community and supports Burnaby Hospital.

When Bob Goble got his first job in the late 1940s working part-time at the Safeway on Gilmore and Hastings in Burnaby, he never dreamed he’d be acquiring the skills he’d need to start his own business.

Bob recalls Sid Jakes, his Safeway co-worker and mentor, who showed him the retail ropes and how to work well with people. “I was proud when Sid recognized my contributions in helping our store become number one in sales. He was a wonderful man, and I admired him a great deal. He always recognized the staff’s efforts.”

While Bob’s experience at Safeway was invaluable, oddly enough, his friendships and leisure activities gave him the remaining skills he’d need to start his own business. “Who would have thought my love of the outdoors, my membership with the North Burnaby Fish and Game Club and camping trips with friends in the Cariboo would help build a business?”

More than 52 years ago, Bob opened the iconic Bob’s Sporting Goods store located in Burnaby Heights. Those familiar with the area can picture the tall blue and yellow sign with the brown grizzly bear standing on its hind legs.

Bob has thoroughly enjoyed his years of working and living in Burnaby. While he is grateful for the care he’s received from Dr. Ken Appleby Sr., and more recently, from Dr. Jenny Wong (his family doctors), he is also thankful for the services of Burnaby Hospital. Here, Bob underwent a hip replacement and also received surgical care from Dr. Paul Mahy (for a hernia).

Now in his eighties, Bob uses the services of Burnaby Hospital more often.

“I’ve lived and worked my whole life in Burnaby and the hospital has always been here to care for me when I needed it. I thought the idea of leaving a gift in my Will for Burnaby Hospital Foundation was a wonderful idea. The idea of helping the doctors and nurses get the equipment they need to care for other patients gives me a great deal of pleasure.”