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Brooke Radiology Pledges $50k in Support of Hospital Redevelopment

Brooke Radiology Pledges $50k in Support of Hospital Redevelopment

February 02, 2022

Brooke Radiology is pledging to raise $50,000 in support of the Burnaby Hospital redevelopment, an initiative supported by a group of twenty-three radiologists working within the medical imaging department. These physicians rotate between Burnaby Hospital and three private clinics in Burnaby and Richmond. Each has their own specialties in radiology and have experienced firsthand the challenges of working in an aging hospital.

 “We are proud to be raising money to support Burnaby Hospital’s redevelopment. We’re so excited to contribute to a cause that we can see every time we step foot into the hospital,” exclaims Dr. Jeremy White, radiologist at Brooke Radiology. “The upgrades and additions to the facilities will change the way we diagnose and treat patients.”

Radiologists in the hospital focus on medical imaging and procedures that require image guidance. The diagnostic scans are invaluable to doctors and patients, providing them with details on their anatomy and potential diseases.

 “I really enjoy reading cross-sectional imaging. The anatomy you can see from these scans really IS amazing and essential to diagnosis and providing quality patient care,” says Dr. White.

 Dr. White also mentions how important the upcoming redevelopment is to the hospital and it’s one of the primary reasons Brooke Radiology is choosing to give back. He shares that he has seen the hospital get busier and busier each year, so the entire staff at Brooke Radiology are aware of the necessity of this upgrade.