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Beyond Retail: The Amazing Brentwood Lights Path for Healthcare Support

Beyond Retail: The Amazing Brentwood Lights Path for Healthcare Support

January 01, 2024

In the heart of North Burnaby, a shopping centre has become more than just a retail hub; it has emerged as a beacon of community support. The Amazing Brentwood (TAB), a prominent community partner of Burnaby Hospital Foundation, has proven time and again that their commitment to the community goes beyond the boundaries of retail and commerce.

For over 20 years, they have  stood as a charity partner, making a substantial difference in the community. Through their unwavering support, TAB has helped raise much needed funds for the hospital demonstrating their commitment to the long-term well-being of the community. They have developed creative annual fundraising events that engage the community such as Mother’s Day Brentwood Blooms, which raises crucial funds for Burnaby Hospital’s Maternity Department. The annual Easter and Christmas initiatives spearheaded by TAB further contribute to their philanthropic endeavours, creating a lasting impact.

The Amazing Brentwood has made a substantial difference in the lives of Burnaby Hospital’s frontline heroes. Their support has facilitated the acquisition of lifesaving Emergency Department equipment, including a crash cart. This equipment can make a difference in critical situations, underscoring the vital role that TAB plays in enhancing healthcare capabilities.

The spirit of giving at The Amazing Brentwood extends beyond fundraisers and campaigns. Each year during the holiday season, TAB expresses gratitude to the hospital’s physicians, volunteers and staff by creating and delivering department wide holiday care packages helping to  bring festive cheer to those working tirelessly over Christmas.

The generosity and dedication displayed by The Amazing Brentwood serves as an inspiration to Burnaby and beyond. By actively participating in initiatives that directly impact healthcare services, TAB has proven that businesses can be powerful agents of positive change.