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Saint Mary’s Health Foundation funds equipment for Palliative Complex Care Unit

Saint Mary’s Health Foundation funds equipment for Palliative Complex Care Unit

April 17, 2023

For more than a decade, Saint Mary’s Health Foundation has been helping Burnaby Hospital’s doctors and nurses provide a high standard of compassionate care to our patients.

Over the years, the organization’s generous support has helped purchase vital equipment for critical care, elder care and orthopedic surgery, among other areas. Most recently, Saint Mary’s funded a new portable bladder scanner for our Palliative Complex Care Unit (PCCU), which provides specialized care to patients with serious, complex and often terminal illnesses. Part of the organization’s contribution also went towards the purchase of a new specialty bed for the Unit.

Reducing suffering and maximizing the quality of life for palliative patients is a priorty for our PCCU – and this equipment, made possible by Saint Mary’s Health Foundation, will help us do just that.

The bladder scanner provides quick, non-invasive scans to diagnose, evaluate and treat a variety of bladder conditions that reduce the quality of life for palliative care patients. It is also used to assess patient hydration, and can even prevent the need for unnecessary invasive procedures, such as catheters.

The Procuity LEX bed is designed with comfort and safety in mind, which is important for palliative patients who spend a great deal of time lying down. The adjustable height and ergonomic features of the bed promote safe patient handling and reduce fall related injuries, and the mattress’ gel support surface helps to distribute patient weight and prevent pressure injuries by reducing skin pressure, shear and moisture.

Thank you Saint Mary’s Health Foundation, for your committment to improving the lives of Burnaby Hospital’s patients!