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Connecting you to what matters

Connecting you to what matters

June 7, 2017

For decades now, Burnaby Hospital Foundation has helped ensure a high standard of medical care for the patients and families who visit our hospital. Since 2013, the foundation adopted a wider vision—one that emphasizes health and wellness. Burnaby Hospital Foundation has broadened its commitment to improve the lifestyle and quality of life for all citizens in the community—patients and non-patients alike. The Foundation’s renewed vision takes in the bricks and mortar of hospital walls, but it also goes beyond to care for patients and families in their homes and neighbourhoods.

Community-based care is therefore a top priority for health care delivery in Burnaby. Burnaby Hospital Foundation is invested in promoting health, wellness, and illness prevention in our community. We want to help people avoid being in hospital, to enable them return home more quickly if they are hospitalized, and to support them more fully once they have left the hospital.

Over the past year, Burnaby Hospital Foundation helped support programs in the community like those featured in the video: Connecting you to what matters.

FITT Cardiac Association: Healthy Heart Program

The Burnaby Hospital Healthy Heart Program has held an annual Rhythm of Life walk and run for the past 17 years to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease. In September this year, the Foundation will again support the event, which attracts some 300 people, including cardiac patients, families, and members of the Burnaby community in general.

*We were saddened to learn of the passing of one of FITT’s most active members, seen here in the video. Ione Smith passed away in April at the age of 94 years. We extend our heartfelt condolences to her family and friends, many of whom are members of FITT.

  • Other community programs featured in the video are:
  • Burnaby Seniors Outreach Society
  • Partners in Seniors Wellness
  • Burnaby Food First