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Celebrating Progress: Redevelopment Reaches Construction Milestone

Celebrating Progress: Redevelopment Reaches Construction Milestone

March 12, 2024

A notable occasion took place at Burnaby Hospital with a beam-signing ceremony, recognizing a construction milestone – the completion of the building’s external structure and concrete pouring. The Foundation’s leadership donors joined in the celebration to sign a steel beam, a symbol of their generous and steadfast support, which will be installed into Phase One of the redevelopment.

Kristy James, President and CEO of Burnaby Hospital Foundation, expresses her gratitude for the community’s overwhelming support, emphasizing the collective effort that propels the Foundation’s campaign forward. Our community came together in such a strong way by helping raise over $30 million in our Bright Future campaign to support Phase One of this redevelopment,” said James. “The Foundation shares our gratitude for all our donors, including exceptional support from our leadership donors who have inspired us all.”

The Bright Future Redevelopment Campaign embodies the vision of a community united in a singular purpose: to support Burnaby Hospital’s life-changing redevelopment. The first phase of this critical project includes building a new six-storey Patient Pavilion and upgrading the aging Support Facilities Building. Phase One, which is scheduled to complete in 2025, will soon welcome upgrades that our community urgently needs. This phase includes new Maternity and Mental Health Substance Use Units and expansions to the Surgery and Emergency Departments, transforming the hospital from an aging facility to a state-of-the-art campus of care.

“Our journey towards revitalization does not end with Phase One,” says James. “With plans for Phase Two already approved, we stand on the brink of even greater change. Our patients and healthcare heroes are relying on us, the community, to support the needs of a modern facility. This new campus is necessary for all of us and will provide quality medical care close to home.”

The addition of the 160-bed Keith & Betty Beedie Acute Care Tower in Phase Two will further expand the services offered to our community. Donors are an essential part of the growth to the hospital campus, where donations will help purchase the equipment required for the new 12-storey building.

Currently, the Beedie family is generously matching every donation the community makes to the redevelopment, up to $4 million. This means each dollar donated will have double the impact on advancements in healthcare, ensuring that Burnaby Hospital remains at the forefront of medical excellence.

Double your donation to Burnaby Hospital’s redevelopment today: