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Burnaby Supporters Respond to the Gin Family’s Call for Support and Raise $20,000 to Buy a New Gastroscope for Burnaby Hospital

Burnaby Supporters Respond to the Gin Family’s Call for Support and Raise $20,000 to Buy a New Gastroscope for Burnaby Hospital

July 15, 2013

NEWS RELEASE  |  July 15, 2013     

Shown Above: Burnaby Hospital’s Peter Reimer (right) gives Jack Gin (left) a quick lesson on how a gastroscope works. Photograph by Larry Wright, BURNABY NOW.

BURNABY – Thanks to a wonderful response from the community, the Jack Gin Family Foundation wishes to thank everyone who supported their fundraising campaign to buy a new gastroscope for Burnaby Hospital.

Earlier this Spring, the Jack Gin Family Foundation pledged to match community donations dollar-for-dollar to enhance diagnostic care at Burnaby Hospital. Thanks to an article featured in the Burnaby Now, the response was immediate and the campaign goal was met within weeks.

“The response is testimony to the caring and giving nature of Burnaby citizens. We are so appreciative of how the community responded to our call for support,” says Jack Gin. “After reaching our $20,000 goal, there were still supporters wanting to give. And of course, they still can.  Every year, Burnaby Hospital doctors prepare a wish list of needed equipment that are beyond budget constraints.  My wish is to equip our doctors with the tools they need to be better at their jobs.  And I hope others in our community will join me in this campaign. I encourage everyone to get involved and learn more about your community hospital”.

State-of-the-art technology like that found in gastroscopes allows for early and accurate diagnosis, which translates into the ability to prevent medical conditions or treat them before it is too late.

Donations can also be mailed to: Burnaby Hospital Foundation, 3935 Kincaid Street, Burnaby, BC, V5G 2X6. Or save the postage and donate online at or call 604.431.2881.

What’s a Gastroscope?

A gastroscope is a surgical device used by physicians to view a patient’s gastrointestinal tract. It uses fiber optic technology that produces light to allow it to work like a camera and helps diagnose conditions of the esophagus, stomach and portions of the small intestine. The gastroscope is also able to take tissue samples for biopsy as well as administer certain medications to treat various medical conditions and correctly place feeding tubes.

High-resolution photos and interviews are available upon request by contacting Stephanie Leung at 604.431.2882 or [email protected].

Media Contact:

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