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Burnaby Hospital Foundation Steps Forward

Burnaby Hospital Foundation Steps Forward

September 21, 2015

Burnaby Hospital Foundation steps forward with $600,000 in financial support required to build a second endoscopy suite at Burnaby Hospital.This generous donation will go far in supporting Burnaby Hospital’s aim to be responsive to the increased need for screening endoscopy in our community.

Endoscopy is an important part of the screening initiative for Colorectal Cancer which has been mandated provincially by the Ministry of Health. This program has the aim of reducing the incidence and mortality ofcolorectal cancer through the detection of pre-cancerous lesions and early detection of colon cancer. The High Level Master Concept Plan (MCP) has provided Burnaby Hospital with a road map guiding decision making for the development of services for the next ten years. This project is an excellent example of a project that is responsive to stakeholder needs and is a project that can be undertaken as we work towards the vision outlined in the MCP.

The creation of a second endoscopy suite will support the increased response of the Burnaby Hospital team, support quality patient care, and improve the quality of the treatment space for all stakeholders.