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Burnaby Hospital Foundation Receives $50,000 from G&F Financial Group

Burnaby Hospital Foundation Receives $50,000 from G&F Financial Group

September 18, 2014

Sept 2014 – Burnaby Hospital Foundation will receive $50,000 in proceeds from the 2014 G&F Financial Group Charity Golf Tournament. The funds will be put toward the acquisition of a new arthroscopic hip distraction system for the hospital.

Surgeons at Burnaby Hospital perform hip procedures every year. Now aided by the advanced technology of the new hip distractor, a greater number of these surgeries can be done arthroscopically, with minimally-invasive surgical techniques. While minimally-invasive approaches have become a standard in medical care today, hip arthroscopy has been a more recent advance in orthopedic surgery due to the complex characteristics of the hip joint and the highly technical nature of the operation.

“As surgeons, we want to avoid open procedures wherever and whenever possible,” says Tim Kostamo M.D. an orthopedic surgeon at the hospital, and the only surgeon in Fraser Health using the distractor to perform arthroscopic his surgery. “Using minimally-invasive arthroscopic techniques really improves the patient experience because there is far less pain and recovery times are much faster. Hip arthroscopy is a big operation through a small hole.”

Burnaby Hospital Foundation

Burnaby Hospital Foundation provides funding for state-of-the-art equipment and technology, medical education and community wellness initiatives. “Thanks to the generous support of our community partners, like G&F Financial Group, we are together making a difference to patients and their families,” says Cheryl Carline, President and CEO of Burnaby Hospital Foundation. “We are grateful to G&F Financial Group for choosing the Foundation as the beneficiary of their annual charity golf tournament.”

A community hospital, Burnaby Hospital helps more than 200,000 patients every year and serves the needs of a growing population and a changing demographic.

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