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Burnaby Hospital Foundation Annual General Meeting

Burnaby Hospital Foundation Annual General Meeting

October 18, 2023

Burnaby Hospital Foundation recently held their annual general meeting at Hart House. President and CEO, Kristy James and Board of Trustees Chair, Steve McKoen had the pleasure of inducting the newest Trustee members Angela Kirkham, James Lota and Laura Morgan.

“We are delighted to have three individuals, passionate about influencing change in their community, join our governing body. Their knowledge, diverse expertise and philanthropic mindsets will help the Foundation continue our success and growth,” says James.

The Foundation also paid respects to Lexa Hobenshield and Theresa Shaw for serving a cumulative 10 years on the Board of Trustees. James notes that the pair have worked tirelessly to serve the Burnaby community and advocate for a brighter future in healthcare.

The Foundation team and guests were additionally pleased to welcome the new Chinese Ambassador Society Chair, Alice Liu. “Alice has been instrumental in fostering a strong connection with the community as a part of our Chinese Ambassador society, and we look forward to seeing her great work continue in this next role,” James describes.

“We are inspired by our community contributing more than 13,000 gifts to raise over $30 million to date. But there is still more to do.” The Bright Future Campaign: Better Care Close to Home, focuses on bringing necessary improvements and expansion of our Intensive Care, Medical Imaging, Inpatient Oncology and Cardiac Telemetry Departments. The Foundation team is eager to kick off fundraising to bring the next part of the revitalized hospital to life. To learn more, click here