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Burnaby Hospital Emergency Physician Trains Using Simulation

Burnaby Hospital Emergency Physician Trains Using Simulation

June 1, 2020

In other high stakes industries such as Formula 1 racing, Aerospace and the Military, they train 95% of the time and work 5%. In the medical field, particularly the Emergency Department, looking after a patient can be like trying to control a fighter jet, except they have to work 95% of the time. What little time is left for additional training needs to be used highly efficiently, which is where simulation is a valuable, effective resource

Simulation allows staff to try to recreate high-risk situations and not only train individuals but train as a team. Everyone on the team needs to be familiar with their roles to the point that it becomes a living entity in itself and the moves become intuitive and proactive to the situation as it unfolds.

Simulation is a crucial form of education to ensure Burnaby Hospital’s Emergency Department can deliver the highest level of care to our community. “Unfortunately, simulation is not highly funded in hospitals across the globe – however, we are seeing a culture change and are always grateful for the support the Foundation and private visionary donors give to this much need resource,” says Burnaby Hospital Emergency Physician, Dr. Neil Long. With support from donors, the Foundation has been able to provide over 60 Iphones and Ipads to departments throughout Burnaby Hospital’s to aid in the simulation education process.

There is a saying adapted by a Navy SEAL that says, “You don’t rise to the occasion, but you fall to the level of your training in times of stress”.

Thank you to our donors for supporting the education and innovation at Burnaby Hospital!