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Inspirational Stories

Burnabarian Supports Hospital Redevelopment with $1M Gift

“The redevelopment means so much to Burnaby residents, especially seniors who are realizing how much an upgraded hospital means to their ability to lead a long and fulfilling life, well into their old age."

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Family Pledges $25k in Honour of Burnaby Hospital Physician

“We are appreciative of the way Dr. David Jones stepped up, over his call of duty as a doctor, to make sure that we were connected with the right people.”

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Sarah’s Story: A Leader of Tomorrow

“Growing up, I've always been incredibly grateful for the support Burnaby Hospital gave my family during our times of need. I vividly remember thinking about how I wanted to volunteer and give back to this community when I grow up.”

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A Brighter Future for Burnaby, Thanks to Local College

“Contributing to the hospital gives our staff a sense of wellbeing and an opportunity to be part of something bigger than oneself."

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Lynda’s Legacy

“I believe the staff were one of the reasons why Lynda decided to name Burnaby Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary in her Will. She was treated gently and with dignity.”

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A True Burnabarian: the story of Don Brown

“My Dad would help anyone who phoned him for advice or needed anything done for them in regards to Burnaby. He spent countless hours contributing to the community that we see today in Burnaby, from helping save parklands to promoting youth and social activities.”

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Brooke Radiology Pledges $50k in Support of Hospital Redevelopment

"We’re so excited to contribute to a cause that we can see every time we step foot into the hospital."

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How A Future Face in Medicine is Giving Back Today

"My respect and admiration grew during the pandemic when I saw healthcare and hospital staff working so hard to keep us safe and protected."

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