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Aubrey Elementary Students Rally to Raise $3k+ for BHF

Aubrey Elementary Students Rally to Raise $3k+ for BHF

October 10, 2023

This past spring, Mme Bianca Lavorata and Mme Michelle Panagiotou’s students of Aubrey Elementary School hosted a community fundraiser in support of Burnaby Hospital Foundation’s Bright Future campaign to support the beloved community hospital revitalisation.

“Our grade 6/7 students were eager to help make a difference in their local community,” says Mme Lavorata. After receiving motivating support and approval from Aubrey Elementary School Principal, Lisa Hartman, the young philanthropists hit the ground running with planning, promoting and executing the heartfelt campaign. “Ms. Hartman truly believed in us and encouraged the implementation of this operation making it all possible.”

The classes chose to support two critical divisions within Burnaby Hospital, Maternity and Oncology, both of which will see a transformation within the redevelopment. “Our students chose these particular departments because some of their families have received direct support from those areas and it was important to them to offer support in return.” Students noted it was fun to support an imperative cause and raise funds, hoping that their fundraising efforts will help spark an interest in charitable giving to others.

The inspiring project was not only significant for the students but also a full circle moment for Mme Panagiotou who along with her five children and brother, were born at Burnaby Hospital.

“I think one of the biggest lessons we can teach our children is the importance of giving and making a positive impact in our communities. Teaching children to care, demonstrate empathy and compassion are important life lessons,” Mme Lavorata explains.

When the teachers, who happen to be best friends, are not encouraging their students to give back, they’re teaching children of their own to do the equivalent. “We have taught our own children from an early age how to be proactive and make a positive impact in the community. Now they think of fundraisers on their own – my six-year-old, Dante, plans to sell his artwork and the artwork of his little brother, Leonardo, over the holidays in order to raise money for the hospital,” Mme Lavorata proudly describes.

“This fundraiser brought our Aubrey families together for a cause we all believe in and allowed our students to make a meaningful difference in the community.” Burnaby Hospital has been serving the public for over 70 years and is a valued part of the community. The highly anticipated redevelopment will allow the campus of care to serve countless individuals and families for generations to come.