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Aubrey Elementary School Fundraiser

Aubrey Elementary School Fundraiser

May 4, 2023

May 26 – June 1, 2023

Aubrey Elementary School

Join Mme Bianca Lavorata, Mme Panagiotou and the student leadership team as they host a fundraiser to support advancements in healthcare at Burnaby Hospital. Student leaders acknowledge that many members from the Aubrey community have benefited from the wonderful care provided by the team at Burnaby Hospital and as a team, we would like to give back to the hospital. Division 1 and 2 Burnaby Hospital leadership students invite all classes and their families to kindly donate to help raise funds towards the oncology department and maternity departments.

Goal: $3,648.75/$1,500 raised

Donate today!

Aubrey Elementary School students showing their support for their community hospital.

Burnaby Hospital was built over 70 years ago with strong support from a much smaller community at the time. Residents were motivated to have a community hospital that they could rely on for compassionate medical care close to home. We are proud that this community continues to step up to support their hospital to this day.

Today, Burnaby Hospital is one of the busiest hospitals in the region, providing patient-centered care to a population of 500,000. However, Burnaby Hospital is at capacity and has not received a significant upgrade in over 40 years.

Donations raised will support Burnaby Hospital Foundation. As the fundraising organization for Burnaby Hospital, Burnaby Hospital Foundation bridges the gap between what the government provides and what our community needs. Their purpose is to ensure that Burnaby Hospital is equipped so that staff can continue to provide exceptional patient-centered care today, and in the future. 

Donations can be processed in two ways:

  1.  Online through this donation form
  2. Submitting a donation card to Mme Bianca Lavorata or Mme Panagiotou.
  3. In-person to Burnaby Hospital Foundation, 3rd Floor, West Wing, Burnaby Hospital, 3935 Kincaid Street.

All donations will receive an e-mailed or mailed tax receipt.

Donate today!