Inspirational Stories

A Legacy of Heart

Dorothy McFarlane as a young woman in Hartlepool, England.

Dorothy McFarlane left a large charitable gift to Burnaby Hospital Foundation when she departed this world in July 2014. Her relatives, Brent and Sandy Roy, were proud, but not surprised; Dorothy’s last wishes were in step with all that she’d appreciated and cherished about life.

When Every Minute Counts

Jamie and Heather Sinclair with Baby Owen shortly after his first birthday

An expectant mother's intuition is resilient and she knows intuitively when something feels wrong during her pregnancy. It's a gut feeling. If she senses danger to her unborn baby, she will be anxious, consumed with emotion — and if life hangs in the balance — she will be terrified. This was Heather Sinclair's experience.

First-time parents, Heather and her husband, Jamie, eagerly awaited the birth of their son in January 2015.
"January 15 was one of the most frightening and exciting days of my life," says Heather. "That's the day I became a mother to my beautiful baby boy, Owen. But it's also the day we almost lost him."

The Heart Tells a Story

The Heart Tells a Story

If there was ever a perfect moment to trust your intuition, Enzo chose that moment. And it saved his life.

Friday night, September 18, 2015, was almost Enzo Ricardi’s his last night on this earth; he suffered a massive heart attack. At only 47 years old, Enzo might have been excused for dismissing the strange electrical current that seemed to shoot from his fingers to his shoulder. Yet, he’d felt that odd sensation earlier in the day too, and his instinct pushed him toward the emergency department at Burnaby hospital.

Helping is a Family Affair

James, Catherine and Pamela Gardner gather for a family photo in their home in Burnaby

Giving back to their hospital is 'all in the family' for the Gardners, who have called Burnaby their home for over 50 years.

James and Catherine Gardner have lived in Burnaby for more than 50 years with their daughter Pamela, who runs a local business in the city.

Giving Back is Good Business

Bob Goble with friend Jim Yaschuk and Thor.

Longtime Burnaby businessman Bob Goble values his community and supports Burnaby Hospital.

When Bob Goble got his first job in the late 1940s working part-time at the Safeway on Gilmore and Hastings in Burnaby, he never dreamed he'd be acquiring the skills he'd need to start his own business.