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Mako Robotic Surgical System Lends a Helping Hand to Burnaby Hospital’s Orthopedic Surgeons

Mako Robotic Surgical System Lends a Helping Hand to Burnaby Hospital’s Orthopedic Surgeons

April 17, 2024

While the community surrounding Burnaby Hospital has undergone rapid change in the past decades, one thing remains constant — our commitment to innovation.

“Burnaby Hospital Foundation is excited to lead the charge by fully funding $2.3 million towards the addition of the Mako system,” says Steven McKoen, board chair, Burnaby Hospital Foundation. “Robotic-assisted surgery will be a game changer for the way orthopedic surgeries are performed at Burnaby Hospital. We are grateful to our donors who give so generously to fund advancements in healthcare in our community.”

The Foundation’s generous donors are fully funding the Mako system, which will be the first of its kind in Western Canada.

The Mako robotic-assisted surgical system brings innovation to the process of total-joint replacement through the creation of pre-operative plans using CT scans and proprietary software to provide improved patient care. CT scans are used to produce an individualized model of a patient’s joint, which includes concise details like deformities and degree of arthritis. With the intricacies of the joint captured, a surgeon guides the robotic arm during surgery, adjusting as necessary, based on visual and audio cues from the arm’s software.

“Advancements in processes, as well as in medical equipment and technology, are quite common in surgery,” says Dr. Tim Kostamo, Orthopedic Surgeon at Burnaby Hospital. “Best practices are constantly changing. One way we can consistently improve is by having access to modern equipment, which allows further innovation and ensures our staff are able to achieve excellent outcomes for our patients.

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(L) Burnaby Hospital Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Tim Kostamo explains how CT scans are used to plan precise cuts
(R) Dr. Tim Kostamo and Pamela Cheng (Patient Care Coordinator) beside the new Mako system

“The robotic-assisted system will improve our precision and safety in total joint replacement,” says Dr. Kostamo. “I’m excited to see how it helps us decrease complications and revisions and continue our quest for great outcomes for our patients.”

Burnaby Hospital is renowned as a centre of excellence in orthopedic surgery and performs up to 1,000 total hip and knee surgeries per year. In fact, the hospital is responsible for the most total-joint replacements across the Fraser Health region. Innovation has taken many forms in the surgery department, providing solutions to navigate challenges like tight quarters in the operating room and limited bed spaces for recovery. These are some of the issues being addressed by the Bright Future redevelopment.

The hospital’s Orthopedic Surgery program has already led the charge in establishing new procedures for the implementation of total-joint replacement with same-day discharge — a process that was necessary to support the increasingly busy surgery schedule.

“Patient outcomes are our primary concern, but the benefits extend beyond the patient, and to the surgical teams,” Dr. Kostamo explains. “Surgery is incredibly demanding — both in terms of stress and physical expenditure from the entire team. This robotic arm provides assistance to the surgeon for a very physically demanding part of the procedure. This helps the surgeon conserve energy and increases the ability to perform more surgeries with increased accuracy.”

“We have seen a steady rise in demand for surgical services in recent years,” shares Kristy James, Burnaby Hospital Foundation President & CEO. “Our patients deserve the very best care possible and the addition of this robotic-assisted surgical system will be a game-changer for the way orthopedic surgeries are performed at Burnaby Hospital.”

To date, Mako systems have been installed in 35 countries and in every US state. Burnaby Hospital leads the charge in Western Canada to implement this advancement in medical technology, forging ahead in our path towards a brighter future in healthcare.

Hear first-hand about our new robotic-assisted surgical system from Dr. Kostamo on Global BC:

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